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Global Tracker  

Our state of the art global tracking software keeps dispatch alerted to our drivers’ positions at all times, allowing you to feel confident that your package will get to where it needs to be at the time it needs to be there.  Having our drivers location at our finger tips means your package gets picked up by the nearest available driver and our online system allows you to log in and see the progress of your delivery.  This extensive tracking option enables all of our online customers to see the POP (proof of pickup) and the POD (proof of delivery) times and signatures in real time; which means you can rest assured your package got to its destination on time when it is convenient for you. When turnaround time is critical, you can trust Richmond Express.


Online Services
(Ordering, Custom reports, Invoice review, Tracking/POD)

Richmond Express has invested in one of the best courier management softwares in the industry to ensure that our customers can access their accounts at all times.  Our online ordering and tracking feature is user friendly and is accessible from our website’s homepage.  All previous addresses are saved and can be dropped into the destination fields with just the click of a button. Custom reports and invoices are also available for you to print off at your leisure.  You can search on reference numbers, dates or for whatever information you require.  Invoices are ready for review at any time and you can also pay your bill online, in your own time.  As if all of of that wasn't enough, we will even send you an email when your package has been delivered!            


Laser scanning

Barcode laser scanning is an option if your delivery requires a tighter quality control.  Select clients require this type of tracking and Richmond Express is happy to help!



All of our couriers carry smart phones which allows them real time access to our dispatch board. This ensures that you will receive detailed delivery instructions, signature capture and time stamps at several points during the delivery process.  This information can be accessed online by our clients so there is never a need to question if the package has been delivered and who signed for it!